About Us

Peace, Love & Hope for Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2022. Resolve It clinical team.

Resolve It, Inc.

Resolve It, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization which was established by Alison Lootens-Putman in 1998. She saw critical gaps in mental health services available to children who had been exposed to child abuse, neglect, family violence, and trauma.   By offering school-based mental health services to these children and their families, Resolve It has been successfully turning around the lives of some of Houston’s most vulnerable children.  

The mission of Resolve It is to provide intervention and support to children and their families, and effect positive change in their lives, at school and at home. Resolve It Inc. has been providing evidence-based treatment programs to the Houston-Galveston area for 24 years. We have provided over 5,147 children with access to quality mental health services.   In addition, over 40,002 hours of individual therapy, family therapy, and other victim services have been delivered to these children and their families.  Since 2011, our focus has been on serving children and families in Galveston County.